What Krystyna’s clients say

“Krystyna miraculously creates a place during the sessions where you can be completely true to your authentic self. The bond between us is something I appreciate the most. ”

“Krystyna helped me to move from the “what if’s” to “what is”. I came to her with doubts and reasons why I can’t. Now I have only reasons why I can.”

“We immediately clicked, even though I never met Krystyna in person. She can inspire, motivate, support. And her energy is hell contagious. I am so grateful to her.”

"I have been coached by Krystyna for more than 7 months. We were able to profoundly reflect upon some fundamental personal perceptions and views which I was not even aware of before. Being encouraging and empathic, Krystyna always manages to guide me to my core values. With her knowledge in NLP and psychology, Krystyna is able to apply a great spectrum of extended coaching tools and skills. If you are ready to transform and willing to leave your comfort zone, being coached by Krystyna will be surely enriching for your personal development! I am truly thankful for the sessions with her and how it positively impacts my life. "

“Krystyna is such a gentle and powerful coach – and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. She holds such an open space and l feel so seen when I share with her. Krystyna is able to read between the lines of what I speak about during our sessions, and she always taps into the essence, the core, of what it is that I am experiencing. She creates a space free of any judgment or biases and I really feel as though I can just be who I am, and that is the greatest gift to me. I have gained new awareness and clarity about myself and my life with Krystyna’s support and very intuitive coaching. I was able to see clearly what was really important to me in my life, and what I want to spend my time doing.”

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